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Song writing style and the song writing process...

October 1, 2018

In terms of mine and Dalton's music writing, i had only begun playing in front of audiences from 2015 to now in 2018. I had experienced performing cover songs for the first two years of playing for an audience with my brother Dally (aka Dalton). He has always been the closest to me growing up, and living with a dad who is a full time musician, as the lead singer of his band and rhythm guitarist, all 3 of the kids in his life being me and my two brothers, experienced the lifestyle along with him and seeing how its all done. When you're a child you learn by copying and we are all copycats, what we see growing up is all we've ever known, and this lifestyle and music is a huge part of our lives and it's all we've come to know.

If you can do your favorite hobby and get hired to share it, then its the most amazing dream come true. For others to be supporting your love of music and for that knowledge to continue, we need to keep doing it.

Me and Dalton are literally the only ones in our family now to be continuing on this tradition in the way we have been doing it for the last few years. Dalton has always been more immersed in the lifestyle then me, he has more experience with my dad and being a part of the musician lifestyle.

The reason i see myself as a wearer of different hats is that, not only is music and performing a characteristic of mine that comes out to play every once in awhile, but i am also a graduate student wanting to continue my education on how to help and contribute to my people, family and community in a healthy way, but i am also a full time worker in the community as an Action Therapist, working alongside people all the time, attending and supporting community initiatives. I attend cultural ceremonies and learn and practice the ways of my traditional ancestors and regard it in high importance within my relationships as well.

From all the knowledge and things i have gained has put together the puzzle pieces of my life and understanding why family dynamics, community and institutional dynamics are the way they are. It is all for an intended purpose in that we were not supposed to be here anymore. People of my kind were targetted and murdered by the controlling governments of the world for land and resources for their flourishing.

At the expense of people like me. So all this learning, dedication to change, travelling, and experience in my relationships with others along the journey is where my song writing, pain and love all come from.

Its all my story, my memories and experiences i picked up along the way, the feeling and energy of the time of the writing is where the mood of the song comes out. I had no intention but just to turn my pain into something beautiful and positive. A form of release of emotions and inner thoughts. Its experience through time that comes out into an emotional song. A vulnerable song. All song writing is vulnerable, because you're telling it like it is.  You're not holding anything back about what you hold in your mind, heart and soul.

We all know love is the most painful thing in this world, that you are willing to die for, and to never live without. Whether that love is for yourself, your people and partner.

It takes solitude, to pull how you're really feeling out, and to turn those emotions into flowing words and structure like an essay. Things move around, keys change, and it's a piece of creation that you can do anything to because its yours.

Our first written songs are mainly love songs, they are relatable and flexible to every experience and the lyrics are straight forward and powerful in its vulnerability and truth. Whether its for your grandmother, a relative, a friend, a partner, a person from your past or someone you want but cant have.

For the past year or longer, me and Dalton have been performing our first handful of original songs, and some songs written by myself and him, others given to him through our older brother or a friend that is a musician as well.

Our first few songs have a slower pace, love ballads and outlaw country rock feel to it.

In the future, and during our current writing process, i find us writing on other topics with different tones and styles. I look forward to seeing what new ones we will be releasing next and the reaction to them from our audiences have been a positive experience.

There is really nothing greater then people acknowledging and liking your work. When your creation is appreciated and have the worth in it seen. There are things that need to be said and shared and what better way than through the beautiful art of music and song writing.

It is a healing experience and a way for us all to find the worth within ourselves, in believing that we are all good enough, that we all evolve and become better, as long as we are always willing to put in the work, no matter how we're feeling.

Song writing and performing for others is an art, a creative expression, and act of love.

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