Dalton and Caitlin Richard

A brother and sister duo:

From an early age, the two siblings Dalton and Caitlin Richard set out to become performers and professional Music Artists and Songwriters. The two come from a strong musical influence from their family and continue the family tradition. Their passion and strong will helps them push forward to continue their live success and professional relationships. The two are pursuing to record their own written songs and are planning to release them in the near future. Check out newest updates below and get to know the two a little better!

Indigenous Health and Wellness Expo @ Brodie Centre University of Manitoba (May 15th 2018)

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University of Manitoba 10th celebration

of Migizii Agamik's opening:

September 26th 2018 @ lunch hour 12:30pm

The forks @ The Oodena Circle for

Day of Action - Honouring Families & Survivors of Manitoba's Missing and Murdered Women & Girls and Two-Spirit - Celebration of their Spirits:

October 4th Thursday @ 5:15-5:45 pm

Mama Bear's Den in Rowan's Ravine Provincial Park

in Saskachewan

May 17th-18th 2019

All weekend show

June 16th 2019- MMIW event at the forks CN Stage


October 16th 2019-at the Park Theatre Cafe on Osborne St @ 830 pm (Manitoba Indigenous Law Students' Assocation (MILSA). Will be hosting an annual Entertainment Night

October 18th 2019- Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre, 445 King st, 745pm performance for Evacuee's

February 21st 2020- Canadian Human Rights Museum- Noon performance for 2nd annual Indigenous Youth Gathering RISE UP

March 17th 2020- Aboriginal Youth Opportunities AYO'S 10th Bday at Thunderbird House

March 24th 2020- Treaty Days performance and speech at Maples Collegiate Highschool


Caitlin Richard Bio

Anishinaabe names and clan:

Sings By The Water

Brown Bear Woman

Wolf Clan

Caitlin Richard is a 27 year old and a wearer of a few different hats. As of June 2018 she has graduated from the University of Manitoba with a 4 year arts degree in Indigenous studies and Sociology. She works full time as an Action Therapist and respite worker in the community. Caitlin has a passion for connecting herself and youth in care to their First Nation culture and involvement in community activism and support. Caitlin will be attending a Master's program in Native Studies in 2020. During her own time she enjoys playing and writing music with originals such as Missing you and Keep Up the Fight and involvement with the creative arts. Caitlin and her younger brother pair up for events and work towards recording their own sibling album by 2023.

Dalton Richard Bio

Anishinaabe name and clan:

All Seeing Man

Eagle Clan

Dalton Richard is a 25 year old full time Two-Spirited Indigenous artist with a passion for music. He is often accompanied with his older sister but has been playing a variety of places and provinces  solo for over the last decade. He has always been musically gifted and continues to evolve as he gets older. From a young age, he has been singing and  performing for people. Throughout the course of his musical career, he has won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life. Dalton performed with multiple talented artists. He has received original written songs to record such as When You Threw This Love Away, The Good Road and Low Down Blues. He is working towards recording an album while performing live for fundraisers, gatherings and larger events. Dalton has won numerous singing contests such as in Peguis First Nation and Fisher River Treaty Days.



Winnipeg, MB, Canada

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1-204-390-2923 (Business Inquiries Only) Call or Text

Winnipeg, MB, Canada

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